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Sad Songs for Bad People


“‘Sad Songs for Bad People’ isn’t just a darkly humorous  puppet show, it’s also a beautifully realized meta theatrical statement about why we sing sad songs and what they mean to us.”

-Eli Keel, LEO Weekly. Read the article here.


Armed with piles of puppets and an indomitable love of the macabre, a ragtag troupe of performers takes the stage. Dressed in their Sunday best, they have set up a dusty revival tent to delight us with an evening of murder ballads, ditties of death, and songs of tragic misfortune. But as puppet casualties accumulate, ill-buried secrets begin to surface and threaten to shatter the troupe’s facade.

With the live jams of the Rough House band and dozens of hand-crafted puppets, Sad Songs for Bad People will delight you, titillate you, gingerly prod the soft spot in your heart, and scratch the darkest of your itches.

Performed by Kay Kron, Maddy Low, Claire Saxe, Mike Oleon, Sean Hughes and Andrew Yearick. With puppets by Grace Needlman, Cammi Upton, Will Rudolph, Eddy Rivera and Emma Alamo. Puppets and puppet direction by Mike Oleon. Co-directed by Jeremy Ohringer. Music Direction by Sean Hughes.

Sad Songs is no longer on tour. A limited Chicago engagement is coming soon!

August 7 – Chicago: Lincoln Loft 
August 9- Grand Rapids, MI: The Hideout Brewery
August 10- Detroit, MI: CMAP Puppet House
August 11- Detroit, MI: The Trumbullplex
Aug 12- Philadelphia, PA: The Sherwood Oak (Beaumont Warehouse)
August 15, 16- New York, NY: Cloud City, Brooklyn
August 17- Baltimore, MD: EMP Collective
August 18- Pittsburgh, PA: Spirit
August 19- Athens, OH: Secret in the woods. Email for details.
August 20- Louisville, KY: Tim Faulkner Gallery

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