Ubu the King


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Ubu the King brings Alfred Jarry’s seminal satire to life in all its absurd, grotesque glory. In the hands of five power hungry puppeteer-performers, the loveable a**hole Pa Ubu murders, lies, and farts his way up to the Polish throne – and back down again. With over 70 meticulously realized puppets, Rough House’s Ubu is ridiculous, heartbreaking, and spectacular.

At FLATS Stuido, 1136 W. Wilson Ave,60640. For Press and additional info, visit the Pivot Arts Festival website or email: info@roughhousetheater.com


600px-Credit-Joe-Mazza-Ubu-The-King-5Raves For Ubu

RECOMMENDED -Chicago Reader
“[Alfred] Jarry himself performed a version of it with marionettes, but I think he’d have been more impressed with this bunraku-esque treatment from Rough House Theater. Cunning and Hilarious.””

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED -Chicago Stage Standard
“4 stars out 4! A magnificent and moving retelling of this story. A fast moving, entertaining yet sobering and provocative evening. Don’t miss this show.”

RECOMMENDED -Newcity Stage
“‘Ubu’ may have found the perfect medium. The cast of five puppeteers stay on the tips of their fingers and the tops of their games.”

Artistic Team

Performed by: David Gordezky, Eliza Rose Fichter, Claire Saxe*, Sarah Stockdale, and Nick Strauss

Crew: Adapted and Directed by Mike Oleon*, with Shelley Geiszler in collaboration with the Rough House ensemble; Grace Needlman (Lead Puppet Design & Construction), Kathryn Shivak (Puppet Construction), Will Rudolph* (Lighting & Set Design and Construction), Maddy Low (Costume Design) Niki Dreistadt (Puppetry Assistant), Nicole Neinow (Puppetry Assistant), Sean Hughes (Music) Claire Saxe* (Dramaturg & Production Assistant), Fletcher Pierson (Stage Management/Assistant Director)

Photo Credit Joe Mazza

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