Ichthyodyssey (ick-thee-odyssey), a fish-puppet rock-opera, is an original tragedy about the cost of the steps fish must take to save a kingdom besieged by murderous beak demons from above. The focal point is the tale of two doomed lovers: Seraphina, the princess who must assume a throne for which she is not prepared, and Phineas, a restless worrier who trades the token of their love for a pair of wings in order to defeat the birds.

The original score, composed by Max Wirt and penned by Shelley Geiszler, rocks an infectious grunge-synth vibe to poignant and heartbreaking lyrics. Mike Oleon’s puppets at once minimalist and expressively articulate. As the show reaches it’s dangerous climax the fish are forced to decide which is worth more: glory or life.





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