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Sad Songs for Bad People *Now Booking*

“‘Sad Songs for Bad People’ isn’t just a darkly humorous  puppet show, it’s also a beautifully realized meta theatrical statement about why we sing sad songs and what they mean to us.”

Eli Keel, LEO Weekly

unspecifiedSad Songs for Bad People invites you to trade in your troubles for an evening of murder ballads, ditties of death, and songs of tragic misfortune. Armed with piles of puppets, an arsenal of musical instruments, and a cheerful obsession with the macabre, the Sad Songs band is determined to put on one helluva show. But as puppet casualties accumulate, ill-buried tension begins to surface and threatens to shatter the band’s sunny facade.

Rough House Theater’s Sad Songs for Bad People will thrill you, shock you, gingerly prod the soft spot in your heart, and sate the hunger for dark puppet theater you never knew you had.

Performed by Kay Kron, Maddy Low, Claire Saxe, Mike Oleon, Sean Hughes and Andrew Yearick. With puppets by Grace Needlman, Cammi Upton, Will Rudolph, Eddy Rivera and Emma Alamo. Puppets and puppet direction by Mike Oleon. Co-directed by Jeremy Ohringer. Music Direction by Sean Hughes.

Sad Songs for Bad People is currently available for booking for College Campuses, Theaters, and Theater Festivals. Get in touch today at roughhousetheater@gmail.com

You can find the press release and photos here.



“4 stars out of 4…Gorgeous ensemble collaboration by this troupe of winning actors… The shows are exquisite: carefully crafted, blackly humorous, and lovely. Chicago demands a great deal of its puppeteers—we have some of the best, from Michael Montenegro to Blair Thomas, the bar is very high, and Rough House exceeds expectations, jumping over the bar…. It won’t just be the ghosts of the departed puppets that will return to haunt you, it will be the emotions you unearth as you go on the journey with Rough House. You will laugh, you will think, you might cry.”

– Angela Allyn, The Chicago Stage Standard


“People who would like this show are people who like creepy murder songs, powerful women, and figurative and literal mashups. I think that people should definitely go see this show. It is a small company that should get noticed, and I really loved this show.”

– Ada Grey, Ada Grey Reviews for you








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