Constance and the Perpetual Motion Machine


RECOMMENDED by the Chicago Reader. Read the review.

“Rough House Theater’s latest piece is elegant and odd… Emme Williams’s haunting score hits a high point with the original song she performs midway, and while it’s strange to be moved by a puppet, in the case of Monty Cole’s Sal, I promise you will be. ” —Suzanne Scanlon, Chicago Reader

“A stunning show, both in the impactful story, and ethereal and otherworldly shadow puppets and set. Such a beautiful view of a crowded mental headspace interpreting memory.” —Kristi Winther, Baltimore Creative Alliance



As Nora, a young engineer, wrestles with the recent loss of her best friend, Constance, she must navigate a dream world steeped in fragmented and distorted memory. Abetted by a man on a quest for mechanical perfection, Nora is torn between the memory of loss and the promise of a machine that never slows, never fails, and never dies.

Directing/Puppet Design: Mike Oleon Scenic Design/Script: Emma Alamo Script: Kay Kron Script: Claire Saxe Music: Emme Williams Shadows: Sara Drake Costumes: Haley Jaeger Machine Design: Robert Katovich

 Claire Saxe
Constance: Kay Kron
Sal: Mike Oleon
Hand: Emma Alamo
Music composed and performed by: Emme Williams

Poster Design: Ken D’Amato
Printed by Jessica LeMaster

Constance Karl Blessing

Constance Karl Blessing3



Constance_-20 2

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