Nasty Brutish and Short: A Puppet Cabaret

Christopher Knowlton as "Atticus Gluteus Maximus"
Christopher Knowlton as “Atticus Gluteus Maximus”

Rough House co-presents Nasty, Brutish, & Short, a quarterly puppet cabaret at Links Hall. The next performance is on April 10.

Nasty Brutish & Short is an evening of contemporary short-form puppet and object based theater for adult audiences. The cabaret is a low risk environment for artists to perform new and experimental work and foster artistic exchange between puppet artists of different generations and mediums.

Presented by Links Hall and Curated by Grace Needlman and Mike Oleon.

Contact us at

This event is funded in part by the Puppet Slam Network (a project of IBEX Puppetry)

Located at Links Hall
3111 North Western Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618

Submissions to perform in the April 10 Cabaret are now open. The deadline to apply is March 20.

If you have any questions, you can email


Puppets-in-Progress Workshops

We also have quarterly Puppets-In-Progress workshops, which are free and open to the community. PIPs create a forum for artists and puppeteers of any level of experience to bring fledgling puppet experiments to a non-judging, knowledgeable audience for feedback and support. The next one is happening on March 12! Email for details.

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