Cicada Summer: A Coming-of-Age Interspecies Romance Tragedy

Previews at Open Eye Theatre in Minneapolis August 11 + 12

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At the Chopin Theatre, Chicago August 31- September 30

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In a bleak pocket of the urban Midwest, two 13 year olds fall deeply in love. One is a girl, the other a bug. Tangled in adolescent passion, the human teen stumbles treacherously along the journey to independence, the hunt for intimacy, and the struggle to make sense of the mess that comes with change.

Penned by Claire Saxe, directed by Michael Brown and set in a puppet world created by designer Emily Breyer and Mike Oleon, Cicada Summer is a rich physical, visual exploration of the agony and ecstasy of metamorphosis – human and otherwise.

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Artistic Team

Cast: Peter Andersen (BENJAMIN), Noah Appelbaum (BUG/ENSEMBLE), Kat Christensen (BUG/ENSEMBLE), Jessie Ellingsen (MAY), Kathleen Hoil (BUG/ENSEMBLE), Hannah Larson (BUG/ENSEMBLE)

Crew: Claire Saxe (Playwright), Michael Brown (Director), Mike Oleon (Puppetry Director), Emily Breyer (Puppet and Scenic Designer), Jay Epps (Stage Manager), Corey Smith (Sound Designer), Cassandra Bierman (Lighting Designer),   Warren Wernick (Scenic Engineer)


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